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Международный фестиваль духовой музыки «БЕССМЕРТНЫЙ ОРКЕСТР» 


Chairman of the Organizing Committee


  ____________S.A. Polyanichko



On the Open International festival of wind music “IMMORTAL ORCHESTRA” dedicated to the memory of musicians who died on the battlefields of the XX and XXI centuries.


Open International festival of wind music “IMMORTAL ORCHESTRA” dedicated to the memory of musicians who died on the battlefields of the XX and XXI centuries and the simultaneous holding of an international regional conference was presented and approved at the WASBE conference in Hungary in August 2018. It is obvious that in the conditions of tense interstate relations and mistrust, the “peaceful” direction is more attractive for foreign participants and guests. Event tourism is developing. At the same time, the project contributes to the growth of musical culture in the territory of the Russian Federation, since its implementation involves a series of thematic festivals in the Federal Districts, according to the results of which, the best brass bands will be recommended to the Memory Festival in Kaliningrad. The patriotism, which the project already contains, shall not be regarded as “propaganda”, but shall lead to a better understanding of Russia, the mentality of its people, shall create an atmosphere of mutual trust: supranational, suprareligious. This call for unity and cooperation in the name of Memory and Culture shall be heard both by the audience and by professional groups, amateur and youth orchestras. This is the basis for public diplomacy. The participants of the Festival shall not be “limited” by the walls of the halls: only part of the program of competition and concerts shall be held in them. Orchestras shall perform with their concert program in the open venues of the city.


International festival of wind music “IMMORTAL ORCHESTRA”, (hereinafter the Festival-Competition) is held from September 19 to September 22, 2019 at the concert halls of Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad Region, also at open venues of the region. The project is the winner of the Competition (2018-2) of the Fund of Presidential Grants of the Russian Federation, and is supported by the provision of a grant in the form of a subsidy from the federal budget.

Within the framework of the Festival-Competition the International Regional Conference of the Central and Eastern European branch of WASBE with the participation of musicians, cultural figures, teachers, conductors, leading specialists in orchestral performance and the art of playing wind instruments is held.

The festival program provides for the holding of professional development courses for musicians, conductors, teachers. Master classes are held on a separate program, of which interested persons and groups are additionally informed. 

Objectives of the Festival-Competition:

– Position Russia as the leader of the international anti-war movement. As a state where they keep the memory of not only the musicians of their country who died during conflicts or the performance of official duties, but also honor their dead foreign colleagues. Through people of one of the most peaceful professions – musicians – to invite the world to dialogue, to resolve issues not from a position of strength and enmity, but to public diplomacy, in which culture and common memory occupy an important place, helping peoples better understand each other. Make the festival a traditional event in the most favorable for this region of Russia.

– Combine the strengths and capabilities of professionals: musicians performing on wind instruments, leading cultural and art figures from Russia and various countries, scientists, teachers, representatives of the creative elite, government organizations for the development of the wind music genre, for using it in the patriotic and spiritual and moral education of the population, for the development of strong creative ties between representatives of different nationalities both within the country and abroad.


Tasks of the Festival-Competition:

● strengthening the common cultural and social space of the Russian Federation;

● strengthening the international creative ties by means of the genre of wind orchestral music;

● maintaining achievements in orchestral performance, raising the level of musical education;

● Popularization and development of orchestral music among children and young people;

● Search for new teaching methods in orchestral and ensemble performance;

● expensing of the wind repertoire with the use of elements of national cultural traditions;

● Development of innovative approaches in the organization of wind bands;

● Popularization of modern original music for the wind band in the sociocultural space;

● Preservation and development of traditions of collective performance;

● Development of composer creativity for wind bands;

● Interchange of the creative achievements of musicians, acquaintance with the best foreign models of classics and original works for the wind band;

● Development of vocational education in the field of wind music;


Founders of the Festival-Competition:

Fund of Presidential Grants of the Russian Federation

Association for Revival, Support and Development of Wind and Horn Instruments Performance “Center for Horn Music”

Government of the Kaliningrad region of Russia and the City District “City of Kaliningrad”

Priority partners of the Festival-Competition:

Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic named after E.F. Svetlanova

Hungarian and the Eastern Central European Association of Bands and Ensembles (WASBE)

Priority information partner: Popular-science magazine "Orchestra"


3. Conditions and order of conducting the Festival-Competition:

3.1. Open International festival of wind music “IMMORTAL ORCHESTRA” is held from September 19 to September 22, 2019 at the concert halls of Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad Region and at open venues of the region;

3.2. Participants of the Festival-Competition:

Wind bands and ensembles (children, student, municipalities, amateur and professional) from the regions of Russia, the Middle and Far Abroad, who sent an application to the organizing committee before May 15, 2019, are invited to participate in the Festival-Competition. The presence of show-defile programs for the orchestras and choreographic groups of majorets is welcomed.

3.3. Within the framework of the Festival, according to the pre-agreed (not later than 01.06.2019) request of the participants, a competition of orchestra collectives is held.


Requirements for the competitive audition program:

The participants of the competition of each category should perform the required composition and the original composition of the national author-composer, also plays-arrangements for the wind band of the choice of the collective.

(Notes could be purchased including from the publisher www.emb.hu or by e-mail kottarendeles@t-online.hu)

Recommendations on the content of competitive and concert programs of orchestras:

Competitive and concert programs of collectives are formed based on the professional capabilities of the collective, and could include:

  • original works for wind bands, marches, plays by modern composers and classics;
  • arrangements for wind bands, symphonic, pop and jazz music using electronic musical instruments;
  • processings, instrumentations, arrangements of folk and national music;

The leaders and conductors of the orchestras should provide jury with the scores of performed works (1 copy).


Categories of participants in the competition of orchestral collectives:


● Academic and amateur children's orchestras (participants under 16 years old, maximum participants over 16 years old is 20%),

the required composition: László Zempléni – Travelling in Europe (Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest),                           
limit of total performing time (the required and the selected compositions): maximum 15 minutes;


● Student orchestras of colleges and universities (participants under 25 years old, maximum participants over 25 years old is 20%),

the required composition: Frigyes Hidas – Suite (Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest),                                              
limit of total performing time (the required and the selected compositions): maximum 20 minutes;


● Adult amateur wind bands (no age limit),

the required composition: Gustav Holst: First Suite in Eb (Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes Company),                                                               limit of total performing time (the required and the selected compositions): maximum 20 minutes;


● Professional wind bands (military, municipal, philharmonic, governor),

the required composition: Alfreed Reed – Armenian Dances (Publisher: Belwin),                                                                       
limit of total performing time (the required and the selected compositions): maximum 30 minutes;.

The order of competitive performances is determined by the organizing committee in consultation with the leadership of the participating collectives. 

3.4. The Festival-competition is held in three stages:

● The first-preliminary stage (until May 15, 2019) includes Internet-selection. Collectives wishing to participate in the Festival-Competition should send to the Organizing Committee of the Festival video-audio recordings of 1-2 works of their choice (concert performance or special studio recording);


● The second stage (until July 30, 2019) includes departures of international experts of the Organizing Committee for additional familiarization with the collectives and consultations (funding from the Festival-Competition budget);

● The third stage, Final (September 19-22). The participation of orchestras in the Final part of the Festival-Competition is determined by the decision of the Organizing Committee. It is published on the website of the Festival-Competition: https://www.immortalorchestra.ru/, and on the official website of the project “IMMORTAL ORCHESTRA”: https://www.бессмертныйоркестр.рф

The collectives are invited by the official letter of the Organizing Committee to the leaders of the collectives, individual musicians, and, if necessary, associations of orchestras, state institutions, etc. The Final part of the Festival-Competition is held in the form of concert performances and competitive auditions of orchestras of wind and percussion instruments for three days. The solemn closing ceremony of the Festival-Competition. Award winners. The Final Gala concert (September 22, 2019).


4. Summarizing concert performances

4.1. To sum up the results of the competition, an international jury is created, the membership of which is approved by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Festival-Competition. The jury assesses the performances of the orchestras, with the assignment of the titles of laureates and winners of the competition, awarding the corresponding cups and diplomas. The jury also could recommend soloists of orchestras and conductors for awarding with special diplomas for high performing skills. According to the results of the Festival-Competition, diplomas are awarded to collectives that have shown high artistic results. Depending on the results achieved, the jury has the right to:

  • not to award the titles of laureates or winners;
  • to establish special diplomas and award in each nomination the Grand Prix, to divide the individual degrees (laureate of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree);

The decision of the jury is final and cannot be revised. 

The jury assesses the competition program of the orchestras on the international 100-point system. For each item, the evaluation criteria are not more than 20 points.

 Criteria for evaluation:

  • Choice of repertoire: its artistic embodiment and technique of performing;
  • Intonation, sound: intonation accuracy, culture of orchestral sound;
    • Character, stylistics: individual interpretation of the performed works;
    • Dynamics: balanced sound of orchestral groups;
    • Contact of conductor and orchestra.

Results (maximum 100 points):

95 - 100 points Excellent Grand Prix

85 - 95 points First place

75 - 85 points Second place

65 - 75 points Third place

4.2. All collectives perform with their instruments.

4.3. The decision on admission to participation in the Festival-Competition is made by the Organizing Committee of the Festival on the basis of the Festival regulations and the submitted materials listed in the annex. 

5. Financial expenses for the festival

5.1. The financing of the Festival-Competition is implemented in accordance with the Contract between the Fund of Presidential Grants and Association for Revival, Support and Development of Wind and Horn Instruments Performance “Center for Horn Music” – the winner of the Foundation's 2018-2 Competition..   

Travel to Kaliningrad and back from the Grant is not funded and is paid by visitors on their own.

The transfer in the Kaliningrad region, accommodation and meals for three days to the participants of the orchestras participating in the Final and to the members of the jury are funded by the Festival-Competition:

– orchestras of educational institutions (no more than 40 performers);

– amateur and professional orchestras (no more than 45 performers).

Expenses for staying at the competition of teachers and other accompanying persons (meals, accommodation, transportation costs) are borne by the sending organizations.

5.2. The Organizing Committee as the organizer of the Festival-Competition implements all the organizational work in accordance with the regulations of the Festival-Competition: transfer, stay in hotels, meals – at the expense of Grant. Transfer and meals for local collectives are provided, if necessary, on the days of their performances.

5.3. The Organizing Committee provides Festival-Competition with Concert Halls for rehearsals and concert performances of creative collectives, accommodation rooms, rooms for holding master classes, press conferences, competitive auditions for wind and percussion orchestras, also provides sound and technical support for all events of the Festival-Competition. Issues of providing orchestras with large-sized, expensive instruments and equipment (vibraphone, tubular bells, large orchestral drum, timpani, music stands for orchestra and conductor, podium for conductor, etc.) are resolved with the participants individually.

Special requests should be described in the rider included in the list of documents for the application for the Festival-Competition.

5.4. State authorities, institutions and creative collectives, philanthropists and sponsors participating in the Festival are entitled to finance certain events of the festival nomination.


6. Terms and conditions of application:

Applications for participation in the Festival-Competition from the leaders of educational institutions are accepted by the Organizing Committee until May 20, 2019 by e-mail and on paper. The participation of teams in the Festival-Competition is confirmed by the official letter of the Organizing Committee to the leaders of the collectives and individual performers until July 1, 2019.

  • A high-quality photograph of the entire collective and conductor in the electronic version should be attached to the application for participation (JPG or TIFF format, resolution – not less 300 dpi, size – not less 10x15 cm);
  • A creative characteristic of the collective and conductor;
  • A rider for the collective's performance on stage.

The Organizing Committee shall not be liable for the loss of documents in transit and shall not consider documents sent incompletely or late.


7. Organizing Committee of the Festival-Competition:

Polyanichko Sergey Alexandrovich – Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Artistic Director of the project “Immortal Orchestra”

Churgel Anatoly Olegovich –Vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee for Organizational Issues

Jozsef Csikota – Vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee for International Relations, President of the Central and Eastern European Branch of WASBE

The members of the Organizing Committee:

Dudin Anatoly Leonidovich – Vice-Chairman of the Organizing Committee for Public Relations and Information Work

Gvozdev Alexey Valentinovich – Advisor to the Vice-Chairman of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region, Assistant of the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Bobkov Viktor Vasilyevich – Director of the Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic named after E.F. Svetlanova

Kuryanovich Natalia Anatolyevna – Director of the Children Music School named after R.M. Gliere, Kaliningrad 


Information about the location, contact telephone numbers (phone numbers for references and consultations), details and email addresses of the organizers:

Association for Revival, Support and Development of Wind and Horn Instruments Performance “Center for Horn Music”

Legal and actual address: 192148, St. Petersburg,

Sedova str.,  bldg. 22, liter B, room 3 -N

Director – Grunskaya Oksana Anatolyevna

INN (TIN): 7816240306 KPP (CRR):781101001

Settlement account: 40703810255000000212

Correspondent account: 30101810500000000653 BIC: 044030653

Bank: North-West Bank PAO Sberbank (St. Petersburg)

Concerning the organization of the festival:

Churgel Anatoly Olegovich – tel. +7 (903)771-50-80; E-mail: orkestr2002@mail.ru 

Dudin Anatoly Leonidovich (art manager of the Festival-Competition) –

tel. +7 (916) 307-11-91; E-mail: orkestr2000@mail.ru





























Appendix №1


(sample of application)


1. Full name of the collective_________________________________________________________________________________

– the membership of the orchestra indicating age and education;

– the year of creation and creative characteristic;

– the name of the competition or festival where the Contestant won indicating achievement level, awards.

2. Head, conductor (full name) and photo________________________________________________________________________

3. The founder of the collective (base for classes) _________________________________________________________________

4. Mailing address _________________________________________________________________________________________

5. Telephone number, fax ____________________________________________________________________________________

6. Accompanying person (indicating post)_______________________________________________________________________

7. Sending organization _____________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone number ________________________________


8. The concert program and timekeeping:

– _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

– _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

– _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

9. Data on transport (model and number of the bus, ect.)____________________________________________________________




Signature of the Head of the sending organization

(Place for stamp)

Application Submission Date
















Appendix №2

Potential participants in the professional development courses (master classes) should send a corresponding application in an arbitrary form addressed to the deputy artistic director of the project – Dudin Anatoly Leonidovich.


Dudin Anatoly Leonidovich (art manager of the Festival-Competition) – tel. +7 (916) 307-11-91;

E-mail: orkestr2000@mail.ru

(sample of application)


of the participant in professional development courses

of the Open International festival of wind music


dedicated to the memory of musicians who died on the battlefields of the XX and XXI centuries


Kaliningrad, September 19-22, 2019



(Territory, Name of the Organization)

Full name of the Participant _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Education (when and what graduated, specialty) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Place of work or study ______________________________________________________________________________________


Form of participation in the scientific-practical conference:           

– listener

– speaker on the subject:



Sending organization (address, full name of the Director, telephone number, fax, E-mail):




                                                                                                      Signature of person in charge indicating post


«___» _______________ 2019